About Us

Here at cghub.co.za we understand that whilst online gaming can be a fun and exciting past-time, it can also be a hobby that can becoming all consuming. Many people enjoy online gambling sensibly and responsibly – however there are some people that get carried away and are unable to control their gambling. This can have catastrophic effects on their bank balance, relationships, work life and ultimately their life.

Whether it is you or somebody you know, this is something that cannot be ignored. It is imperative that if you recognise this problem in yourself or in a loved one, then you must start to try and get help. There are many companies out there that can help. Here at cghub.co.za, we give you a place to go, people to talk to and we will help you start your journey to recovery and gaining control over your life again.

The road might be long and it might not be easy, but with the right help you can take back control.